Sunday, 27 May 2012

Meadows and Wildlife Gardening

Yellow Rattle growing well in our test area. Thanks to John at the London Wetland Center we have got a successful wildflower meadow growing. The Yellow Rattle is a parasite on the roots of grasses so serves to suppress grasses and gives a chance for other plants to get a look in. 
In this test area we did not seed but cut back the grass in early spring to simulate grazing and again provide opportunities for less dominant species.  
This is the control area which is dominated by coarse grasses and cow parsley 
Yellow Rattle test area- over the next few weeks we hope to see summer wildflowers emerging in this area 
Wildlife Garden on Bedzed today with aliums
Wildlife garden in early May with spring bulbs 
New wildlife garden under construction

Had a good look today at several of the habitat projects that we have on going. The wildflower meadow test areas at Beddington are going on well and are being used by lots of bumble bees. Also did some work on Gillian's Bedzed wildlife garden this afternoon which is looking pretty damn good.
More on all this here

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