Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bee- Day

Common Carder Bee on Sage
White-tailed Bumblebee on Green Alkanet
Bee hunting 
Burnet Campion on Bird's-foot-trefoil
Latticed Heath 
Cinnabar on our planted Yellow Rattle 
Black-tailed Skimmer (First ones out today) 
The Meadowland on the mound is beginning to flower

Joined up today with Bioregional who were taking part in a Bumblebee Conservation Trust survey We had a look round the Horse Field and found quite a few feeding on the flowering plants.
Also quite a few other insects about including some day flying moths and the first dragonflies of the year.
On the bird front (lest we forget what this blog is supposed to be about) I had a Red Kite go south this morning and a Peregrine from the obs, a Hobby in the afternoon and yesterday evening there were about 70 Swifts flying around the lake.  


Mark James Pearson said...

Enjoying the non-bird related posts as it happens Pete, keep em coming....

Peter Alfrey said...

I haven't been this excited about my local patch since I was a teenager :-)