Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Bugery

Sorted out the small room in 'the obs' into an entomolgy lab (the bugery)
Grey Pine Carpet? 
Yellow Rattle? (if so seems like our seeding experiment is doing well because this is growing all over the area we seeded with Yellow Rattle)


Lee Dingain said...

About time you got that hair cut mate!

Peter Alfrey said...

About time you grew yours! I like your Afros.

Bomber said...

The Bugery? How is that pronounced, the boogery? Sounds like a dance move. I don't even want to go into other pronunciations, you could have all sorts of weird types queueing up outside the Obs....
Anyway, it's a Cypress Carpet!
Cheers Paul

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Paul,
just found this comment. It is pronounced the Bug-ry. :-)
Cypress Carpet- ok- bugger I thought I had that one sussed.
If you see any more mistakes..let me know.
Cheers Paul