Friday, 18 May 2012

Azores Pelagic 2012 - 3 places left

Black-capped Petrel (Killian Mullarney) 
2011 Crew 
Monteiro's Petrel (Gareth Knass) 
Common Dolphin (Gareth Knass) 
Blue Shark 
Barolo's Shearwater 
Loggerhead Turtle 
Wilson's Petrel 
Sperm Whale

 ITINERARY ONE                                                         (INTINERARY TWO)

SAT 28th July:  Arrive Sao Miguel                                      (NA)

SUN 29th July:  Azores Bullfinch twitch                              Arrive Terceira

MON 30th July:  Ferry to Graciosa                                    Ferry to Graciosa

TUES 31st July:  Pelagics                                                   Pelagics

WED 1st Aug:  Pelagics                                                     Pelagics

THUR 2nd Aug:  Pelagics                                                  Pelagics

FRI 3rd Aug:  Morning pelagic- fly to Sao Miguel               Return to Terceira

SAT 4th Aug:  Return to London                                        NA

Itinerary One goes from Garwick to Gartwick and includes twitching the Azores Bullfinch on Sao Miguel- cost is 1130 GBP (includes accommadation, international flights, internal flights, pelagics, chum - everything except food)

Itinerary Two is a meet up on Terciera and costs 740 GBP (not including international flights but everything else except food)

If you are intersted please contact Ian at Azores Choice who can also deal with any specific travel arrangements.
or email me:

We have narrowed the search this year to two to three areas of high fishing productivity which corresponds with areas of upwelling currents and biological hotspots in the vicnity of Graciosa. We explored one such area last year and found a concentration of Wilson's Petrels, Monteiro's Petrel and also unidentified large skuas and a concentration of other marine life. We hope to find Black-capped, Trindade or Bermuda Petrel which have long been predicted as scarce but regular migrants and proven by geolocator tracking in the case of Bermuda Petrel. Southern Skuas have also been tracked into Azorean waters. These pelagics are aimed at finding these species and exploring the marine life and endemic species of the Azores.

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