Saturday, 5 May 2012

Beddington in the recent news- The Beddington Incinerator

Proposal for an incinerator within the future nature park has caused a bit of a stir.

Ken Livingstone was hoping to win the London mayoral election vowing to stop the Beddington incinerator. Despite his defeat hopefully he can still contribute on the issue.

Political careers are in spin over the incinerator plans

Beddington Farmlands continues to be at the centre of the local media over the plans for Viridor to build an incinerator (Energy Recovery Facility) within the developing Nature Park.

Viridor claim that the incinerator is safe, is the best way too deal with waste, will enhance the local environment and will be good for their business and society.

The counter argument is that incinerators are not safe (and are associated with cancer clusters and birth defects), is not a good way to deal with waste as more recycling and other techonologies/decentralised waste management strategies are better, will provide a scar on the landscape of the nature park and will not be good for society.

There is total agreement from all parties that it will be good for business profits for Viridor- so good to see there is some kind of consensus.

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