Friday, 1 July 2011

More Bug's Life

Gatekeeper- first time this year I've seen these (Irrigation Bridge). Lots (30+) of Essex Skippers again this evening.

Ragwort and Goat's Rue? along the footpath

Cinnamon Sedge? came into the obs last night. Also I had (or think I had) Small Scallop, Heart and Dart and Straw Underwing moths.

Purple Loosestrife and White-tailed Bumblebee (?)

Ringlet (a few of these around this evening on Irrigation Bridge)

I am still waiting for my new camera so a good opportunity to look closer at the bugs. July already which means autumn is beginning- today there were 15+ Green Sandpiper, my first juvenile Black-headed Gull for the year and 2 Teal.
About 10 Greenfinches on the obs feeders today (most I've seen). Lots of Black-tailed Skimmers around the lake.


Stephen Menzie said...

The bumblebee looks like Bombus vestalis.

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Stephen,
I am a total bombus novice so thanks again.