Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blooming Beddington

Purple Loose-strife and Reed Mace

Sunflower and Scentless Mayweed

Ragwort and mixed plants

July 2011

April 2011

Still amazed by the wild flower display this year especially considering that in early April (only 3-4 months ago) a lot of the area was bare earth (pic 5). Be good to keep this kind of diversity as a permanent feature of the nature reserve but that will involve regenerating the land to encourage this abundance of seed rich pioneering species- either through ploughing or grazing.

Common Tern, Common Sandpiper, Hobby and Peregrine this evening.


Factor said...

Interesting to see the contrast between April and July - and with the weather, too. It was a darn sight warmer then!

Peter Alfrey said...

Feels and looks like September now- although all the rain probably part of the reason why so much flowering.