Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Moth and Blackwit Heatwave

Black-tailed Godwits. On their way from Iceland to the South Coast and brought down over the farm by thunder storms today. I saw them from the window while trying to work.

Common Wainscot ?

Flame Shoulder (?)

Small Magpie
I have inadvertently invented a very effective moth trap- fall asleep with the lights on and window open on the hottest day since 2008 in the Beddington obs. The whole flat turned into a huge moth trap last night. Here's a few photos- I don't know what species they are but trying to work it out. Would welcome any help.


Steve Gale said...

Hi peter, they are, from the top: Least Carpet, Dunbar, another Dunbar, Common Wainscot, Riband Wave, Flame Shoulder, Small Magpie. More power to your obs pan-species list!

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Steve- the more the merrier- just going to turn the lights on to try and attract some more in

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi Pete, looks like you got the ID's for the moths.

Any chance you can send me that beetle list for beddington?


Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Josh,
I've scanned it in for you- what's your email address so I can send it over.