Saturday, 2 July 2011


Swallow-tail Moth

Common Footman

Chiffchaff on the neighbours roof
More moths last night- Swallow-tail, Common Footman, Common Rustic and Brimstone Moth were tentatively identified.
I had a Common Tern, Hobby and a Chiffchaff from the garden today.
Looks like the Starling flock has grown over the farm (800+) feeding on the beds and in the tall grass.


Grampy Bustard said...

Hi Peter

The Footman looks more like Scarce Footman to me. The wings are folded much closer to the body and appears too slim.

Peter Alfrey said...

just found this comment. Thanks a lot- I just looked it up and didn't notice in the book that they were so similar.
thanks again grampy bustard :-)