Friday, 5 March 2010


I've got a gun problem. One of the residents down stairs has got an air rifle and shooting my birds on the communal bird feeder. See link:
I am from a hunting family, my mum comes from Malta (pic: Maltese hunter), so it's a familar problem but not one I was expecting to have to deal with in Hackbridge.
Mmmmm..... interesting development.


Graham James said...

If the feeders are in a communal area, Peter, then discharging a firearm in that area must be illegal, apart from also committing a wildlife offence. I am sure that the local police would be willing to advise.

Darryl said...

Definitely one for your local wildlife liaison officer Peter.

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks gents,
Yes I reckon this could be a police matter. I'll have a word with the gezer first- see what he is all about.
Will keep posting on this. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Johnny Allan said...

Graham is absolutely correct. Kojak should be able to advise you.
Caution is required when deciding the best course of action. Talking to the perp could make you a marked man.

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes, better give it some thought. Dont want to be a grass. Its a rough area this bit. He might have got kicked out last night anyway- a load of men's clothes all over the car park and a woman shouting at someone in the night. Lets hope so. One way or another Kojak might be on his way soon.