Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Trying to get more grounds management jobs at work so we can get more into creating pro-nature garden environments. Got a stab at a pretty big contract but it arrived just before I went away which meant I had only two days to tendor for it. Spent the first half of today feeling good that I got the tendor completed and in by the deadline and the other half pleading with the company if I could get it back and amend it realising that in my haste I had made a fundamental error.... I explained that out of the 14 days I had to work it out I had spent 12 looking for Lynxes and Larid and two doing the tendor so mistakes were bound to happen. Luckily he understood and I got it out of the safe and switched the bad one over for the good one- fingers crossed. Hopefully the start of some really interesting work.


Jaffa said...

Great trip to Spain Pete and love the photos - Sounds like you had a great trip. Addictive stuff the old cat watching!

Peter Alfrey said...

Love a bit of cating.