Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The 'Beddington Farmlands Observatory'

Finished my feeding station today. In addition to this set up (pic), I've got fat balled trees and some ground feeders. Will see what turns up. As it is in a communal garden probably the local vandals.

The tipping face at the farmlands has moved so this is now the view (digividscoped) from my bedroom window.


Anonymous said...

well done on the feeder Pete, but stick some black sun flower seeds out there and see if you can attract a coal tit

Peter Alfrey said...

Will do. I've got a spruce tree to plant too. Maybe I need a Pine- better for Coal Tits I think.
Meant to get some thistle seeds too for redpolls.

Ninja said...

You'll certainly know when there's an easterly blowing Pete (I can smell the stench from here, and I'm eleven miles away!)

Peter Alfrey said...

Can be nauseating some days but lets me know when I should be looking out of the window- an easterly be blowing.