Sunday, 21 March 2010


There were 8 Wheatears on the farm today. An early spring speciality. Wheatears were first documented at Beddington in 1934 and are seen each year, stopping off for a rest between their upland/mountain breeding areas in Europe and their wintering grounds in Sub-Saharan Africa.
One bird was ringed at Beddington on April 30th 1972 and was caught again on Fair Isle, Scotland on April 24th 1975, 915km to the NNE.

Also 3 Water Pipit, 2 Buzzard and being Sunday- lots of visitors- today was the London Natural History Society Group led by Derek. My next tour is on April 25th.
More photos from today here:


Graham James said...

We've yet to find a Wheatear at Holmethorpe, Peter.
Not surprising though, Beddington's got them all!

Darryl said...

I notice that one of the Wheatears at dodge007 is sitting on an anti-personnel mine, security at Beddington is being ratcheted up a notch then?

Peter Alfrey said...

Any day now for your Wheatear Graham!
Darryl- I think that mine was from the farm wars a few months ago when we had the Real BFBG, the Alternative Beddington Farm Bird Group, The Indpendent Beddington Birders and the BFBG fighting it out. We are all friends now and united except for the IBB who have relocated to Canons Farm- gone but not forgotten. Not the last we've heard of them I think.

Phil said...

Was the first Wheatear picture taken on 21st or on a previous occasion. Stands up very straight and looks suspiciously Greenland like?

Peter Alfrey said...

Sharp! Phil- the photo was taken on May 1st 2005- a late spring bird so could well be. The middle photo is one of the recent birds.