Thursday, 11 March 2010


Okay, thought I would do a quick update.
The mission is to help develop Beddington Farmlands into a major urban nature reserve and integrate that into the Hackbridge Project- which is a high profile environmental project aiming to create the UK's first sustainable village.

If all goes to plan things should develop into a forward thinking socio-environmental community in these parts. I hope so anyway, cuz at the moment its literally a dump.

So far, we've reformed the Beddington Farmlands Bird Group and the RSPB are coming on Monday to see how they can help out. Just got back from a Hackbridge Community Action Group meeting and there was talk about some more wildlife gardening and tree planting programmes- also talk about funding for it! The people behind the famous Bed-zed project were there tonight too. Also our band, thee Bryans is hoping to be part of the scene, hoping to get local musicians on board and then perform at carnivals and local events and mini-festivals.

It's all good stuff- social/environmental experimentation. Hoping to change our own world.

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