Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Storm Ciara Damage

Sad times at the Old Vicarage over the last few days after Storm Ciara brought down our only two Pine trees and the main feature of the garden, the Weeping Willow lost half it's crown. Coincidentally we planned to have the guys over this week to do some tree and hedge work but it turned into an emergency clear up job. Very sadly we are also going to have to pollard the whole of the Willow as there are several split limbs in the upper canopy. 

All the damage was caused in about 10 secs on Sunday as a major squall (like a tornado) swept through the garden shaking the house, lifting roof tiles, throwing anything not tied down around the garden and taking down the trees. 

 Pine with the top snapped out 
 Up-rooted Pine precariously held up by a Hazel 
 The rather sad changing back drop to the Old Vic over the last few years (circa 2016) - The Ash behind the house was felled as it started causing foundation problems and the Poplar to the left was felled as Bryan put in a new garage. The small Laburnum in front of the house fell over randomly a couple of years ago. 
 The Old Vic 2019 with Pines visible left of the Willow 
 The Old Vic today- an increasingly tree less skyline and tomorrow the Willow is going to be pollarded- its pretty tragic although the Willow will grow back but will it ever regain it's former natural peak of glory (below). We really need to plant some more trees- Bryan has already ordered two new Pines. We also pruned the Yew today which always come out with a great shape. 

UPDATE 120220
 Managed to reduce the Willow and still keep a pretty good framework - hopefully will this grow back into a well balanced canopy 

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