Sunday, 2 February 2020

Beddington Farmlands Website update etc

Managed to get out in the field with Kojak on Friday afternoon (Kojak's blog here). We had a few extras that we didn't get on Wednesday at the farmlands including Wigeon, Buzzard and a couple of Peregrine. 

On Friday I met up with Verity and my dad and we went to see the new MP Elliot Colburn to introduce ourselves and talk to him about Beddington Farmlands. He does seem to have a lot of enthusiasm and was very supportive of our objectives so hopefully we can work together in future. 

Also last week Lee Dingain updated the website WEBSITE HERE and we also made some progress in finalising the 2018 Annual Report which has been delayed by political reasons but hopefully will finalise that within a week or two. 

So what with the new and improved Beddington Farmlands Bird Group, the new website, new MP, growing supporters on social media, the progress with the restoration last year, the expose of undermining influences (which are causing the delays in the report production)  and the new accountability framework with the Housing, Economy and Businesss Committee, we do seem to be going through a good spell at the moment. Let's hope it continues and builds to get the reserve complete and open by the end of 2023. 

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