Saturday, 22 February 2020

Beddington Farmlands Campaign Update

Things are moving forward on a few fronts:

1) Re-establishment of the Hackbridge Forum and progressing with the implementation of the neighbourhood plan including developing visitor facilities for the reserve (NDG and Lib Dems) 

2) Completion of the Beddington Farmlands Bird Group 2018 report and also the 2019 report (including digitisation)  ahead of the next Housing, Economy and Business Committee meeting where Viridor will be scrutinised on restoration progress since the October meeting. (BFBG, Wandle Valley Forum, HEB, CAMC, CSG) 

3) Development of a Sutton Extinction Rebellion strategy aimed at Viridor in order to discuss increased mitigation measures for the incinerator and supporting local community initiatives (XR, Viridor Directors) 

4) Supporting and maintaining pressure/encouragement on Sutton Council and local MPs to meet the 2030 target of zero carbon and net biodiversity gain in Sutton (All local groups particularly XR and Sutton Council) 

5) Campaigning in the 2022 local councillor elections on environmental and ecological issues centred around Beddington Farmlands and the Regional Park (Green Party and Progressive Alliances) 

6) Preparation for the new warden and the re-structuring of the bird group within the management framework of the reserve to maximise the impact of the bird and wildlife group (Bird Group, Viridor and Sutton) - not an easy task- see the structure map below that shows the complexity of the management of Beddington Farmlands

Beddington Farmlands Management Structure 

Our new MP speaking agaisnt the Beddington Farmlands incinerator and the need for increased mitigation measures (above) and latest comments from the Liberal Democrats on the same subject (below- click on to read full post) 

Protest outside the South London Waste Partnership meeting a couple of weeks ago

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