Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Lisbon Geese Videos

Here's a couple of videos from my weekend in Lisbon ( weekend blog HERE)  from Xo Fred.

Tundra Bean Goose - this was one of two Bean Geese present. This individual (found by Magnus) was smaller and shorter-necked than the surrounding Greylags (and the second Bean) and the orange on the bill (a more subdued saturation than the orange on the Greylag bills) was confined to a sub-terminal 'strap. The bill was also relatively short and deep based. Hopefully Xo Fred will update some video of the second Bean Goose soon for comparison. 
Snow Goose - no problem with the identification (although not sure if a lone bird can be assigned to an either Lesser or Greater Snow Goose sub-species), however the provenance is a consideration especially with THIS HERE going on. This bird was first seen in France and has moved south into Portugal. 

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