Friday, 29 November 2019

Local Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake congratulates Beddington Farmlands campaigners for succeeding in over coming the Liberal Democrats!!!

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In short, Tom Brake local MP (leading up to the general election) has congratulated us campaigners for the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve campaign. This follows years of persecutory behaviour by his party to crush the campaign. 

Discussion extract: 
He has only associated himself with this campaign after the council shifted to calling out Viridor following political casualties in Beddington North, the political capital liability of the incinerator in the context of recently declared climate emergency, the public petition to enforce planning conditions and the threat of direct action from Extinction Rebellion. The council and Tom Brake have been protecting Viridor for years and have ignored extensive scientific reports and media about the damaging delays to the restoration. There is strong evidence that the Lib Dems in cohorts with Viridor actively persecuted local campaigners (removal of funding, expulsion from committees, access restrictions, denial of access to funding, legal action threats etc). It's a bit rich that he is now congratulating people that he did his best (or rather the Lib Dem-Viridor partnership) to crush.'

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