Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Beddington Farmlands- winter counts

A very pleasant walk round the farmlands this morning. Ebird list HERE. Following lots of rain the habitat is looking incredible and I counted a site population of over 2700 birds today without even looking at south east corner, the works areas and Horse and Biker's field. Surely at least 3000 birds on site without any visible migration at all today and not including the 1000 Ring-necked Parkeets that fly over to roost and the 5000 Jackdaws that will appear at dusk! . 60 species in total.

 Female Stonechat- one of 6 today
 Reed Buntings in the corn and sunflower sacrificial crops 
 One of at least 20 Robins across the site this morning 
 Green Woodpecker 
 Teals on 100 acre- approx 200 on site today, mostly on 100 acre 

 Common Darters- literally last knockings 
 Red Fox- saw about five this morning 
 View over northern lake. With the wet grassland and the whole of 100 acre wet at the moment this has to be the most extensive wetland cover in decades at the farmlands 
 100 acre (above and below). Looking in top condition at the moment with large numbers of Teal, Snipe and finches. 

Lapwing habitat improvements on 100 acre- the islands are designed to provide predator proof nesting sites 

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