Monday, 5 August 2019

Weekend wrap up

Highlight of this weekend was finally getting out the Robinson's moth trap at the Old Vicarage. What with the national influx of Bedstraw Hawkmoths (and Spurge and Striped also recorded) and other migrants including Beautiful Marbled and Pale Shoulders I was hoping for a rare migrant but it looks like I'm going to have to work and wait for one! Up to 15 Diamond-back moths at the Old Vic was the best I could muster up. I had the trap running at the Beddington Farmlands obs on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday at the Old Vic- a few pics below.

There was a large flock of tits in the Old Vic garden on Sunday morning including single Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Blackcap. Willow Warbler is a first for the Old Vic, the pan-species list is now on 644 for the garden with quite a few moth ticks this weekend.

On Sunday I did the Otmoor Butterfly Survey with Jacob- nothing to sing and shout about there. Small Heath, Small Copper and Marbled White were the highlights. Also had Brown Hawker and Small Red-eyes amongst the commoner odonata. 

On the way back to the crack I stopped off at Staines- an adult Black Tern and large numbers of roosting Great Cormorants. 

 Webb's Wainscot at the Beddington obs 
Bulrush Wainscot at the Old Vic 
 Pale Prominent at the Old Vic
 Iron Prominent at the Old Vic
Lesser Swallow Prominent at the Old Vic
Small Emerald at the Old Vic
 I went for Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet on this one from Beddington (above) and Red Twin-spot Carpet from the Old Vic (below) based on the broader white edging to the cross bars on Red-twin spot Carpet. See comments section for correct id. They are both Flame Carpets. 

 Honeysuckle moth at the Old Vic
 Agriphila selasella at the Old Vic. One of these amongst the tens of tristella. 
 Cydia Splendana at the Old Vic
 Cochylis sp? at the Old Vic 
 Paranix sp at the Old Vic, Possibly Hawthorn Slender 
 I've been having quite a few of these at Beddington. I think they are Crocidosema plebejana but the species is supposed to be rare locally. 
The Robinson's trap at the Old Vic.