Saturday, 31 August 2019

Eurotrip 2019, Day 15, Cape Kaliakra

Did the morning shift at Cape Kaliakra and also popped back in the evening, Ebird list HERE. Bumped into Dawn Balmer and family again who tipped me off on a Marsh Warbler by the fortress wall which I luckily connected with but no photo unfortunately.

Been working through some noctural migration recordings (from the guesthouse) and also some flight call recording this morning. A couple of mystery calls from a couple of nights ago were confirmed by the Noc Mig Whatsapp group and Sound Approach as being Ortolan Buntings.

I've got the recording equipment at the Cape tonight and pretty excited to go through it tomorrow to see what flies over tonight.

There are now more guests in the guesthouse so I couldn't have the moth trap in my favourite spot so the catch was reduced last night.

 Red-breasted Flycatcher
 Common Redstart 
 Pied Wheatear (male above, female below) 

Spotted Fritillary. Lots of Small Coppers on the Cape and also lots of Hummingbird Hawkmoths. Also Wall Brown, Red Admiral, Painted Ladys and some Blues. 

 This Wryneck decided to roost in this statue crack this evening 

This distinctive noctuid moth was the highlight of the trap last night Probably Luperina dumerilii. (Thanks Martin!)  (Lappet again, Pale Shoulders, Nutmeg, Diamond-backed Moths, Ephestia sp, Scarce Bordered Straws, Little Emerald and a few others) 

Ortolan Bunting from the noc mig recordings 

 Mixed fly over migrants from this morning at the Cape (above and belows) 

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