Sunday, 11 August 2019

Good day at the Farmlands

Did a four hour shift at the farmlands this morning, Ebird list HERE. The hides are being well used and I met up with Devilbirder, Roy Weller and Dodge in the hides and on the other side of the Viridor apartheid I bumped into Philip. 

A good little haul. I covered everywhere except the south east corner and the other side of the fence. 

It's been relatively quiet in the moth trap due to the Atlantic storm that has been raging over the last couple of days. Nick Gardner had a Beautiful Marbled in his Wallington trap (just up the road) earlier on in the week- as far as we know its a first for Surrey. Despite all my efforts and careful checking I completely missed out at that latest wave of rare moth migration. 

 Green Sandpipers (above and below). 14 on 100 acre. 

 Eclipse male Red-crested Pochard 
 Juvenile Turnstone, found by Devilbirder and Roy Weller on North Lake 
 Greylags on North Lake 
 Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull (above) and juvenile Caspian-type Gull (below). Both picked up by Devilbirder. 
 Juvenile Caspian-type Gull. More solidly marked greater and median coverts and a paler underwing would have been more classic but structurally the bird looks good. In the image below the underwing appears paler than the herring gull in the front (also with its wing spread).  

Caspian-type above left. Structurally the bird looks long-legged, long winged and barrel-chested like a Caspian Gull but plumage wise it's more yellow-legged. Presumably something from the cachinnans-michahellis intergrade zone. 
 Canary-shouldered Thorn (above) and Dusky Thorn (below) 

 Codling moth Cydia pomonella
The new hides being well used- at one point today there was 12 people in the North Lake hide. 

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