Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Eurotrip 2019, Day Ten - Stuck !

We spent today working out how to get across the border to Bulgaria while waiting for the VC5 document for the campervan (which has now been sent to Dimiter and should arrive in 3-4 days time). Mangalia is a nightmare place to be stuck, its a concrete jungle and didn't want to waste a week here. So we have hired a car for a few days and to get it across the border we needed a Power of Attorney over the car, full responsibility for any repairs and recovery while in Bulgaria and original copies of the insurance and registration document. After spending most of the day sorting that out we then had to leave the campervan outside the car rental place, book a guesthouse in Bulgaria (because the tent and our luggage wouldn't fit in the rental car) and then went back to our dodgy hotel in Magnalia for the night ready to attempt a border break tomorrow.

Stacks (thousands) of Little Gulls on the lakes in this area and did a bit of sea watching from the hotel window (although the hotel got complaints about surveillance equipment from the businesses opposite!). More Little Gulls at sea, Med Gulls, Sandwich and Common Terns, 2 Ruff and a Shag was the highlights. Also Hobby flying around and a few House Martins and Swallows. 

Scarce Bordered Straw moth in the hotel corridor. 

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