Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ghana 2018, BOBIRI

Spent a couple of days at Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary where over 450 species of butterfly have been recorded. We only had a couple of days and number of species is lowest through the middle of the dry season (now), peaking in the main fruiting season which is April and May (late dry season) with good numbers through the wet season. 

Had a couple of bird lifers; Brown-cheeked Hornbill and Forest Wood Hoopoe. 

 African Map
 Common False Head 
 Common Palm Forester 
 Common Ciliate Blue 
 Ornate Green Charaxes 
 Red-billed Helmet Shrike 
 Forest Wood Hoopoe 
 Red-tailed Greenbul 
 Western Serrate-toed Tree Lizard (Holaspis guentheri)

The Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary Centre 

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