Friday, 5 January 2018

Beddington Farmlands Bird and Wildlife Report 2016

Finally completed the 2016 Report. Well sort of completed. The controversial front cover has led to a funding dispute so while that dispute is resolved pre-publication electronic copies and limited hard copies are available ahead of the campaign for Spring 2018. Now need to get the 2017 report ready for that campaign to detail the continuing catastrophic declines in wildlife due to the failure of Viridor to comply with planning conditions. If you haven't already please sign the petition which is now heading towards 5000 supporters PETITION HERE :

To order a hard copy please email me


Arjun Dutta said...

I'm thinking of sending the link to a teacher who is fond of wildlife at school, if I can find reasons for it not just affecting the farmlands but the local neighbourhood as well.

Peter Alfrey said...

Good idea!

The delays in restoration cause loss of amenity and access to nature for all people in the local area. Any pollution from the incinerator will produce a wide ranging negative effect on air quality- not just the local area but across London.