Sunday, 14 January 2018

A night out up country

Was honoured to be invited to the Oxfordshire Birders annual meeting yesterday. Considering only been birding in the county for less than a year was very warmly welcomed by being nominated for two awards - one in the 'What were you thinking?' category for those new comers to Oxfordshire county birding (which I won) and also in the Best Dressed Birder category where my Croydon- high-street-in-the-field look was no match for a local birder with a fetish for full on waterproof gear. Any way clearly the real best dressed birder in the county is Tom Bedford (below) who presented the awards and annual review in a tux.  

A great entertaining evening. 

 Tom Bedford and Badger presenting the annual awards and 2017 bird review
2017 Wavemix Review

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