Saturday, 12 August 2017

Work on new school begins


Brett said...

Pretty depressing this. Radipole Lake & Lodmoor in my home town of Weymouth are run by RSPB. Sadly, very poorly managed. Who at Beddington looks after the habitat. The fucking Crane project is a farce in my opinion, so, who cares if they pull the plug on funding that one anyways. What conservation bodies are being silenced?

Peter Alfrey said...

Beddington is managed by committee made up of community stakeholders. Viridor basically control the whole situation and drip feed confectionery to stakeholders if they are good puppies while managing slow decline and wriggling out of legal commitments through a strategy of attrition and planning system manipulation.
Here's a blog post I did on the Conservation NGOs that receive money from Viridor. Officers from those NGOs have explicitly said they are instructed to be cautious of any involvement in any political campaigning due to the funding relationship with Viridor: