Saturday, 26 August 2017

Recent Beddington insects

 Tawny-barred Angle- the second record for the farmlands following one in August 2014
Female Oak Bush-cricket with sickle shaped ovipositor (see comments- these are actually Southern Oak Bush-crickets, which differ from Oak Bush Crickets most significantly by the very small wings- they are flightless More here. Considering the light trap is on the third floor- it must have been quite an effort for these to get up here! ) 
Male Oak Bush-cricket with twin pincer like cerci at tip of abdomen. Oak Bush-crickets are attracted to the light trap. In addition to moths and bush-crickets the trap also attracts  green lacewings, caddisflies, water boatmen, leafhoppers, wasps, lots of diptera species (mainly midges but also occasional centurion flies and hoverflies) and  various beetles (image below shows some that I collected and were identified by our local beetle expert Bettlejuice Roger Booth). 

Still working on it - Surrey moths is going for gypsonoma sociana (cheers Stevie)
 Marbled Piercer ? 
White-bodied Conch Cochylis hybridella
Still working on it. Got a shout out for  Batrachedra praeangusta from Surrey moths. 
Yellow-barred Brindle (first for year) and Burnished Brass of the f.aurea form where the broad brown central cross-band is entire (in the other form f.juncta the band is broken). 


Gibster said...

Hiya buddy, I think your Oak Bush-crickets are actually Southern Oak Bush-crickets. Note the wing length (or rather, lack of)and little 'backpack' they're carrying. Male cerci and female ovipositor also a bit different to Oak's.

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi- just looked it up- yes no wings! Ok think I'll remember that one.

Any other stringing you see going on here you see- all exorcising much appreciated.

Chees Seth :-)