Sunday, 27 August 2017

Beddington weekend

Spent this weekend at the London pad as tomorrow we have a work exhibition at the Carshalton Environmental Fair. Caught up with the 2017 Beddington report, did some work around the obs garden, caught up with the backlog of unidentified micro moths and also working on getting all our data onto national recording schemes (our Ebird profile is coming on well thanks to Amy HERE).

The long term plan is to digitise sufficient data onto the national and international recording schemes so the farmlands biodiversity details are available in any scientific searches which if required can lead back to our databases which contain fine grained information. In theory these biodiversity recording schemes should be feeding data into the planning system to steer planning decisions so important that all our data is available to these schemes especially the Biological Records Centre- there is a statutory requirement for planners to search this as part of the planning process. The planning system is far from perfect but important we have done all we can our end. Presumably in the future these recording schemes will play a more important role in the decision making process. 

Had a bit of walkabouts too, here's a few pics: 

 Common Buzzard- this once local mega is now resident. There's at least one bird on Parkside and one by the Gunsite and a regular one outside my window over Irrigation Bridge
 Willow Emerald Damselfly- two on Mile Road Bridge today. Looks like this species has a small population now- the first record was last year. The species is spreading across the county so its arrival was anticipated. 
 A Beddington lifer- Forest Bug Pentatoma rufipes. 
 Adult and Juvenile (below) Green Woodpecker in the obs garden 

The cladding is going on the incinerator- I hope its fire proof! 

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