Sunday, 27 August 2017

Azores Pelagic 2017- this week

The Azores pelagic 2017 goes out this week led by Pierre Andre-Crochet. Will be very interesting to see what they get. I can't make it this year as on baby duties at home. Here's what we've been up to in the past (Click for Birding Frontiers article):

Monteiro's Storm Petrel by Gareth Kness- the entire world population is confined to the island of Graciosa on the Azores. The main target of our pelagic and one for WP and World Listers. 
 Swinhoe's Petrel- recorded on all six trips since 2012. One for the WP listers. Also we regularly get 'Grant's Storm Petrel' (the cool season breeding band-rumped Petrel), Barolo's Shearwater, Wilson's Storm Petrel and Bulwer's Petrel in addition to a few vagrants (see article) 
 Sowerby's beaked Whales by Rich Bonser- see the table on the Birding Frontiers article about the impressive range of cetaceans also seen on these trips : BIRDING FRONTIERS- AZORES PELAGICS
 Heading out

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