Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The slaughter escalates

As the assault on the environment and nature escalates, the question remains- will there ever be a serious challenge? 

If it wasn't for the Aarhus Convention ( that caps the costs of individuals and organisations when challenging councils and corporations on environmental matters) it would have been impossible for us to bring a judicial review regarding the incinerator. Proposals are under way to scrap the cost caps which means corporations and councils can do what they like (they do anyway) but completely unchallenged (at least with a challenge the public, if interested, can learn about what further risks their personal health and lives will be faced with and can take personal mitigation). 

This latest move by the Capitalists is being challenged by most of the major environmental groups including the RSPB. The challenge will probably be unsuccessful. Unless we see a unified full scale counter attack from the social and environmental sector- the only prospect is growing inequality, less nature and more impoverished lives for the majority of people.  

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