Sunday, 12 March 2017

Night recording etc

Following initiations with Dave Lambert (cheers Dave) and Paul Morton (cheers Paul) I've started doing some night sound trawling- which is basically leaving the sound equipment recording through the night and then checking the sonograms/spectrograms for distinctive signatures. So far my efforts are a bit crude/ basic but I've got some basic spectrograms here with some results from last night- a Little Owl , Redwings flying over and also a mystery bird. The images show the visual representation of the calls.

Met up with a couple of local environmental campaigners today, Sav and Rav from Thornton Heath to discuss some campaigning ideas and then I had a quick look round the farmlands for any migrants. Despite the good conditions (light rain and overcast) we couldn't find any summer migrants.

Up to 8 Water Pipits on the enclosed beds 
Flocks of Snipes were unusually flying around- groups totally 30-40. Appeared to be restless migrants. 
Skylark singing on the mound- great to hear. 
A couple of new moths in the trap last night- Common Plume and Twin-spot Quaker (below) 

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Peter Alfrey said...

Mystery bird turned out to be the Black Swan