Monday, 27 February 2017

The Beddington Farmlands Bird Group Effort

I did some calculations today on the work of the bird group. Here's a summary of what we do and the hours spent on it: 

RECORDING (Birds, butterflies, moths and other taxa, including British Trust for Ornithology BBS, WeBS Surveys and on-going ringing effort)  
25 (max) bird group members, approximately 5044 hours per annum

REPORTING (Daily news, website, social media, national recording schemes and comprehensive annual report). 
Reporting team of 5, approximately 250 hours per annum 

PHOTOGRAPHY (For promotional material, reports and photo specimen collecting)
2 main photographers, approximately 728 hours per annum 

TOURS, TALKS AND WALKS (6 tours a years)
2 guides, approximately 48 hours per annum

PRESENTATIONS AND EXHIBITIONS (Carshalton Environmental Fair and other local events)
Team of 3-4, approximately 30 hours per annum (including prep) 

ADMINISTRATION AND MEETINGS (BFBG Exec Comm meetings, CSG,  CAMC and Local Community Forum meetings. Also group accountancy and membership administration)
1-2 people, approximately 48 hours per annum 
2 people (accounts and admin), approximately 24 hours per annum 

CONSERVATION (Small local projects including Tree Sparrows, maintaining access to Mile Road entrance, bird group wild flower meadow by hide, bird feeders etc)
Small team approximately 45 hours per annum 

CAMPAIGNING AND CONSULTATION (Response to public consultation and planning applications, campaigning for public engagement in planning process, publicising issues through national media etc)
1-2 people, approximately 100 hours per annum

This picture is mainly the Green Party but we had members here and work closely with other local groups

In total that is around 6000 volunteer hours every year.

A phenomenal effort for an independent local group.  


Steve Gale said...

I am proud to have once been a member of the group, and have been a part of the historical record that now stretches back for over a century. The Beddington that I knew in my formative years cannot be taken away from my memory and will always have a special place within me. What it has now become I do not recognise.

Peter Alfrey said...

Hopefully, eventually will be somewhere special again.