Friday, 25 November 2016

Kes etc

 Kestrel (juvenile male?) performing in today's brisk northeast wind
 Getting that alula working
 11 Cormorants today including this six migrating south at height
 Not the best pic of yesterday's juvenile Iceland Gull 
 Lesser-black backed Gulls moving earlier on in the week. We used to get several thousand Lesser-blacks wintering but now they seem to move overhead and onwards. Ringing recoveries indicate they move to the Iberian Peninsula. 
Probably 10-15,000 Herring Gulls today. Once the incinerator is working and the tip is closed these numbers of gulls will be history
Teal and Gulls. A Goosander this morning on the North Lake didn't hang around long once the gulls arrived. Will be interesting to see what effect there is on the other waterbirds when the gulls have gone. We have until the end of 2017 before tipping stops at the farmlands. 
 One to id? Any help greatly appreciated. Diurnea lipsiella ? 
 Phil Chastenauf today- even in mid winter- still a shirt and tie! Legend! 
 Did a bit of work in the week on keeping Mile Road bridge cut back and also maintaining the planting around the entrance

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