Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Spent the last couple of days at Holly's. Had to do a few chores like getting the baby room ready but managed to spend most of the time continuing with the Old Vicarage bioblitz. So far... still free!

Did moth trapping on two nights and did a vegetation survey of the driveway and car park. Also a bit of general birding on the grounds- a few Fieldfares going over, Redwings on the Guelder Rose, Goldcrest and Coal Tit in the trees.

Did a bit of night driving on the country lanes with Holly and found a few Muntjac deer and a single Roe Deer. Plenty of Redwings going over at night.

 Dark Chestnut 
 Feathered Thorn 
 Caddisfly sp 
 Velvet Mite

 Autumn Leaves at the Old Vicarage
 The Old Vicarage Recording Areas
 Holly driving the mobile obs 
In the mobile obs- was testing out the off grid electrical capability yesterday. Basically by using the engine as a generator I've got unlimited off grid power for all the equipment I need to Bioblitz. Straight into I-record. Planning on doing some exploration trips next year when the weather improves. Might have to get a dongle so that I have internet everywhere too. Can use the mobile phone to create a hot spot but not great. 

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