Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Daddy Long Legs

A song about innate cruelty to nature and the link between cruelty to each other and cruelty to nature.

Some rare vocals skills around 3.10 if I must say so myself.

When I was a little boy
There were spiders climbing up my wall
I used to catch them in my hand

But when I looked inside my fist
much to my surprise
one of it's legs had come off it was still alive
it was twitching, it was moving as if it had it's own life

so I showed my mum
and she hit me round the head
she said don't go pulling off poor spiders' legs

but I hadn't so now I did
and I pulled off every single leg
there before me was eight independent spiders legs
they were twitching they were moving in every single way

and it made me laugh and it made me smile
it was like a spider leg dance there before my eyes
and I was skipping and I was singing around the spider legs

but when I looked at the body that had no legs
and I assumed by now that this spider must be dead
but when I looked really close I could see its eyes were open wide
it looked at me, it spoke, it said Why

and I said
I am just a little child
I just do not know why these things are in my mind
Mr spider, can you help me, Please tell me Why?

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