Sunday, 7 February 2016

Non-local Walk- Walthamstow Reservoirs/Wetlands

 The Heronry 
 The Cormorantry? (Continental Cormorant colony- LWT say the faeces are so acidic that it has killed the trees on the island) 
 The New Visitors Centre

 The London Wildlife Trust plan to open one of the largest urban nature reserves in Europe by 2017 by developing the existing habitats and constructing visitor and public engagement facilities 
Part of the plan is to link the Stoke Newington Reservoirs (Woodberry Wetlands) with the Walthamstow Reservoirs (and the Lea Valley Regional Park)

Went on a London Wildlife Trust walk today to have a look at the developing major urban nature reserve in North London and do a bit of fact finding. So now we've got London Wetland Centre in the west, Rainham in the east, Walthamstow developing in the North and Beddington Farmlands developing in the South. 

There are a lot of parallels with the Walthamstow Wetlands project and the development model for Beddington. The London Wildlife Trust are the project managers, the land is owned by Thames Water, there are various community groups involved (e.g. the area is the largest fishery in London, its part of the Lea Valley Regional Park) and the money is coming from the National Lottery Fund. 

The first meeting of the Beddington Farmlands CAMC (Conservation Access Management Committee) was held recently and the group will be consolidated in the next few months bringing together representatives from Viridor, the local authority, London Wildlife Trust, the Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust, the Wandle Forum and local community reps.  

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