Saturday, 6 February 2016

Local walk

 The usual local suspects 
 The Culvers Retreat Cork Oak (one of the largest specimens in the country)

Went on a walk this morning round some of the green links between the farmlands and River Wandle led by Bob Steele (author of the Wandle Companion) and Sue Morgan (CEO of the Regional Park). 
The main purpose of the walk was to kick start a feasibility study for the renovation of Culvers Lodge- an old lodge house which used to be part of the old manor house and estate Culvers House. The renovation will include the renovation of the lodge gardens which is part of one of the green corridors that link the farmlands with the Wandle and Wandle trail.

Had the first Quaker of the year in the light trap a couple of nights ago. Also Clouded Drab. 

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