Monday, 29 February 2016

An afternoon at the farm

 Common Buzzards, the first birds are moving around during any favourable weather in the last couple of weeks
 Adult Yellow-legged Gull
 First-winter Yellow-legged? Contrasting white head, densely patterned scaps and mantle, dark coverts and lack of notching on tertials. Looks a bit small though, couldn't see a shawl and not really any masking around the eye. ? 
Partially leucistic first-cycle Herring Gull with second-cycle Herring Gull 
 Partially leucistic Herring Gull. Same bird as above. The leucism is quite asymmetrical confined to pale tips on the right wing of the bird

 Partially leucistic Herring Gull showing pale left wing and dark outer primaries to right wing. 

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