Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Song, Thee Bryans

Here's the first track from the Dark Minstrel by Thee Bryans.

The Dark Minstrel, a story about the Capitalist's Apocalypse, where the pursuit of romantic love is used to distract the people while they are processed into the System, a system which processes people and nature into enslavement to itself, enslavement to replicate it's own blueprint at the expense of all around.


Arjun Dutta said...

Hi Peter!
At WWT Barnes while observing a Bittern in a hide at around 4:00 I saw a large gull on the marsh, which looked slightly different to anything else. I pictured it and it looked like a juvenile Caspian Gull. What else could it have been?

Paul Alfrey said...

Sounding good bro :)

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Arjun,
I was at the wetland centre today too- had the Bittern too- excellent. If possible please send me the pic of the gull-

Cheers Paulie !

Arjun Dutta said...

I thought i saw you at the wild side hide but wasn't sure!
Will send the pic!