Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Under the Bridge

Irrigation Bridge in Summer
The Tunnel/Pipe under the bridge. I wandered into the murky world under Irrigation bridge today, to a tunnel which is a well known hibernating area for Herald moths. I was hoping to find a female Winter Moth (a bizarre looking flightless creature); no joy unfortunately but there were a few other interesting creatures down there. Got some putative ids on some of them. 
 Heralds (6 present)
 Monopsis crocicapitella/obviella
 Agnopoterix heracliana ? What's the 'case' next to it?

 Orb Spider Metellina merianae ?


Steve Gale said...

Pete, I used to walk through it in the mid-1970s, but ignored the inverts - I was only interested in the Green Sandpiper at the other side! Great memories.

Peter Alfrey said...

It was how I used to get into the farm too as a kid. I never noticed the inverts until Derek brought my attention to them a couple of years ago.