Sunday, 24 January 2016

Roost counts

 836 Ring-necked Parakeets this evening 

2630 Jackdaws to roost

Did a roost count this evening. Had 836 Parakeets heading over to roost and 2630 Jackdaws. The roost sites are in Mitcham Common- just to the north of the farmlands.

Here's the breakdown in counts showing the variation in flock sizes coming in:

Jackdaws: 50,10,50,10,30,30,200,20,200,120,50,50,20,350,200,450,50,50,200,50,300,2,40,25,5,3,30,20,15

Ring-necked Parakeets:

Some interesting patterns in there. 

Also had the Common Sandpiper calling after it got dark. 

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