Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ethical Shopping for Chavs

According to the on line Cambridge dictionary a chav is: 

an ​insulting word for someone, usually a ​young ​person, whose way of ​dressing, ​speaking, and ​behaving is ​thought to show ​their ​lack of ​education and ​low ​social ​class.

Well firstly the meaning of words change over time and space, anyone can steal a word and claim it for their own so I am going to change the meaning to:

Chav: someone who is indifferent about the establishment (e.g anything with the word Cambridge in it) and whose way of dressing speaking and behaving is thought to show their lack of education and low social class where in reality they match purchasing power (from occupation in e.g. plumbing, building, painting, cutting trees etc) of traditional middle/high class occupations e.g. doctors, lawyers, accountants, civil servants  and are more likely to be emancipated from all consuming complex social rituals and norms and the acquisition of social symbols, long working hours and a slavery to career and are therefore free to pursue personal interests  (such as sitting around watching the ebbs and flows of nature) and develop themselves as complex individuals. They are in some ways the new high class.

As they are indifferent to the opinions of conformists to the old order, they think little of shopping in budget retail outlets (which to the old school is a symbol of low status) such as LIDL who incidentally has one of the largest ranges of ethical products for the new high class who understand that there is nothing ethical about ethical products which are over expensive and therefore exclude the majority of the population in consuming healthily and ethically. LIDL have been charging for their plastic bags for the last decade or so, they also have a wide range of bird foods and bird feeding equipment, wild flower seeds, affordable garden plants and equipment and they have a wide range of organic, vegetarian, RSPCA approved meats, MSC accredited sea foods, alternative small scale meat products and free range meats- all for about one third of the price of Sainsbury's (Pay the Difference).

As the old saying goes 'The meek shall inherit the earth and the f#cking muppets will get a good old slapping' (something like that).


SJH said...

You've started early today! Nice one to start off a Sunday with - have just read it out to five semi-believers as they eat their ethical - Lidl - breakfast. Sadly no lobster for us, but then we are verging on vegetarian!

Peter Alfrey said...

They're doing a Linda McCartney range (end of I suppose!) of Vegetarian Cheese and Leek Plaits for 99p each.
Was planning on cutting down my meat consumption but they had all this ostrich and kangaroo which presumably is small scale production.