Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Faces of Revolution


Went to the climate march in London today with Sue , Pooran and 50,000 other people. A really strong nature theme.  Brilliant.

Now that the warriors have gathered in the greatest numbers yet, hopefully we'll be mobilized to blockade and occupy areas currently being destroyed by the Capitalists in London- so instead of of us walking round Hyde Park in a managed and approved access area, largely making bugger all difference to anything, I'm hoping to see some of that lot descending round here to protect one of the largest remaining green spaces and most important areas for nature in London.

If you want to tackle global climate change, needs to be done piece by piece. The principle and ideology needs to transfer to the front line, taking down one malignant point/tumour after another after another.  That incinerator in the middle of a nature reserve aint going to help the climate. Bringing that bastard down will. A bit of kemo to kill the tumour- directed, focused and effective.

London is a world capital- the battles fought here, the ideas won, the survival of the fittest ideology- it is those ideas, those examples that dictate the global system. When things go down in London, they set off chain reactions across the rest of the planet. London is a beacon that transmits messages to the entire planet. You win a battle in London, you conquer the world.

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