Thursday, 5 November 2015

Do not keep calm and carry On

Jennifer Lawrence at the Hunger Games, Mockingjay 2 Premiere tonight 
The Mockingjay

The London Million Mask March 2015

Met Josh Jones tonight to hand over some copies of the Azores Rare Bird Report as Josh is doing a talk about the Azores for the Norfolk Bird Group. Decided to meet in the Crypt (a nice little relatively well kept secret cafe)  at St.Martin's in the Field church at Trafalgar Square so that I could check out the Anonymous Million Mask March event, a group of activists calling for revolution against the establishment and corporate greed. Coincidentally about a mile away Josh had walked into the premiere for The Hunger Games Mockingjay 2 which was going on at Leicester Square- a blockbuster  movie about revolution. 

There seemed to be some connecting to do between the movie romantic fantasy of violent revolution, the irony of a glamorous Hollywood premier about a film about revolution against a ruling elite, the reality of the not so glamorous 'revolutionaries'  gathered about a mile away, the stark horrific squalor of real life violent revolution, an admiration and respect for people that are trying to do something no matter how misguided, incomplete or partial, a despair about apathy and the malignant cult of mass submission to celebrity led near-complete psychotic hypocrisy, the complete mess and madness of the London super-consciousness and the need for somehow somewhere to get to a real situation of real peaceful glamorous revolution that aims to protect nature and society by challenging the dictatorship of a fundamental capitalist elite to arrive at a fairer, greener, more beautiful, happier reality. 

The greatest act of revolution I witnessed tonight was the hand over of those bird reports, all part of an epic plan!   

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