Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Panning for Species

 Mucilago crustacea- also known as 'cat sick fungus' (by us). 
 Don't know
 Some sort of leaf miner
Another mystery

It's a bit quiet on the birding front at the moment so Frankie, Swifty and I did a bit of pan-species panning. We collected some Teasle heads (see yesterday's post) which I now have in a tank at the obs and will see what adults emerge next year. As usual we found some interesting subjects but have no idea what they are. Something for long dark winter evenings to look back over and/or with any luck be able to draw on the collective wisdom of the cyber-naturalist community (any help with id always appreciated).

I have updated my personal Beddington pan-species list, now at 1157:

The Beddington Farmlands Species Inventory is unfolding here (Go to Biodiversity drop down menu to select list):

..and here is the Beddington Farmlands pan-species list (currently ranked 18 of all sites, registered on the PSL website for most species recorded at one site in UK) 

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