Monday, 16 November 2015


 Mordellochroa abdominalis (main), (sometimes known as Pintail Beetle) and probable Anaspis maculata (left). Both of these beetles are part of the 'Tumbling Flower Beetle' group. 
Common Malachite Beetle, Malachius bipustulatus male (swollen basal antennal joints) and Meligethes pollen beetles
 Apple Fruit Weevil, Tatianaerrhynchites aequatus (formerly known as Rhynchites aequatus)
 Anthocomus rufus. The wing cases are shorter than the body on this species. 
 Probably  Black Snail Beetle, Silpha atrata. On closer inspection confirmed as Necrodes littoralis. Caught in the moth trap. 
  Red-legged Ham Beetle, Necrobia violacea or possibly N.rufipes. Feeding on dead fox. 
 White-Bryony Ladybird, Henosepilachna argus
Chrysolina oricalcia

Roger Booth, AKA Beetlejuice, coleoptera curator at the Natural History Museum London and member of our bird group has kindly assisted in the identification of a few beetles that I've photo specimen collected at Beddington over last few months.

Bumped into Beetlejuice on the train going up to the London Wildlife Trust AGM on Saturday. He was on his way to the British Entomological Society Exhibition to display two county significant specimens that he has collected from Beddington recently and also a first for the UK which he had from nearby Morden Hall Park. He was also carrying the type specimen for two Beetle species from Indonesia. These national and world scientific treasures came out of his ruck sack on the train, a real treat for Gillian and I but scared the women off who was sitting next to me! lol. All part of a day in the London natural history underworld.

So the new beetles and yesterday's Serin take my Beddington list to 1164 (My Beddington Species List)

Mordellochroa abdominalis, Anthocomus rufus and Henosepiliachna agus are new for the Farm (Frankie found the H.agus a couple of years ago). 

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