Sunday, 6 September 2015

The infinite revolution

Any poor souls that have the  misfortune of knowing me fairly well will know that some of my favourite subjects include apocalypse, end times, revolution and a good dose of positive chaos. 

Just to clarify (which is impossible here as words are impossibly clumsy at trying to clarify anything as they are subjective and multi meaning basic building blocks of communication-(( images, sounds, silences, behaviour, action and creations are much more powerful ))) what I mean by revolution etc is thus.

The infinite revolution; 'the red thread, the spear head of evolution, the cutting edge of change which moves inexorably forward at all times and drives the dynamism of the planet at every scale (from personal, to family/friends/ community-company/ regional/ nation-corporation/ global-multinational) , creating new things, setting new paths, creating new arrangements and configurations in an endless generally cyclical rhythm (the revolving in revolution). 

Apocalypse: The end of an old arrangement or configuration and the beginning of a new one

End Times: A time of maximum chaos, where 'pieces' are at their most unaligned ahead of re-alignment.

Positive Chaos- Chaos generated from positive intention for an improved situation. The dismantling of old arrangements. 

Intention and motive- When behaviour is driven by negative emotion/energy (there's a can of worms?- another very subjective matter and only an individual knows what it is meant by that) consequences will result in negative outcomes i.e. off the red thread and onto the path of extinction/ junk existence. When behaviour is driven by positive emotion/energy (fucks sake!) - the consequences will contribute to the path of the red thread/infinite revolution (good stuff).  

So hope that clears that up! 

Pretty pictures will resume shortly. 

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