Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hobby vs Peg

 In comes the Hobby (adult)
 Peregrine's clocked it (Juvenile Peg)
 Hobby circles over
and dives 
Hobby re-considers wisdom of attack as it's chased off with life in the balance
 Whinchat again today. Also 2 Spot Flys on 100 acre and Roger had 2 Cuckoos (really want to see them- juveniles, one of my favourite autumn local birds).
Lapwings- despite the flooded conditions a group still around (I thought they'd gone)
Meet Helen (hopefully will be working with us locally)  this morning and had a tour of the Hackbridge Project and Beddington Farmlands Projects. We witnessed a Hobby and a Peregrine having an altercation and also saw the 2 Spot Flys that Roger found but didn't see the Cuckoos he found.
Spent the afternoon doing some work (after discussing revolution with Matt who popped in for Trout and chips) on the obs garden and farmlands entrance but difficult to focus as Dingers was finding a Barred Warbler Here at Staines Moor and seems like Pied Flys are turning up everywhere. So good (birding) overcame evil (work) and I dropped tools and had a look along the path and Parkside. Had a few warblers and Whinchat. 

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